Location: Barueri - São Paulo
Project: Walmart
Year of Project: 2012 / 13
Built up area: 56511ft²
Objective: Implementation of the Administrative Office Headquarters
Applied Actions: Architectural and Additional Projects, Outsource Management, and Civil Construction Work.
Type of Contract: Turn Key


Working with Ufficcio has been a great pleasure. We were fortunate to make the offices of Masisa and Walmart
together, and beyond professionalism and competence I think it is worth mentioning the care and attention devoted by them to all partners and employees. I believe this is fundamental in creating a partnership. During Masisa and Walmart works, I was impressed by the respect with I have been treated. They never made a change without consulting me, besides attention paid to every detail of execution. It is an honor to be part of this story..”

Guto Requena – Architect


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